We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of OUR NEW APP – SwimAnalyzer Lite – in January 2018!

SwimAnalyzer Lite takes the Race Analysis function of the original SwimAnayzer app and distils it down to the essential components – filming, instant video replay, and split times with a graphic display.

And the best part? SwimAnalyzer Lite is built for Smartphones! Ease of use for those who really matter–coaches and parents–was front of mind for our new development.

SwimAnalyzer Lite provides the perfect solution for busy club coaches to monitor their swimmers’ development, whether it’s filming time trials in training or capturing their races at the next meet.  With quick and simple operating features for video capture, SwimAnalyzer Lite is a handy way to monitor swimmers’ performance on the run.

And not to mention – great news for all those parents out there! SwimAnalyzer Lite enables you to capture the memories of your childrens’ races at every meet, store them  in the cloud, and replay them again whenever and wherever you like!

SwimAnalyzer Lite will be released in early January 2018, so stay tuned! More information will follow in the coming weeks.

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