“Our mission is to bring science to coaches across all levels of swimming by making race modelling, analysis and individualized training techniques simple, usable and accessible for everyone.”

During our work with the coach and swimmers at the training centre in Switzerland, we had the need for a simple software application that could easily create race models of competition goals. Race modelling is an incredibly important aspect for swimming competition and training, yet surprisingly when we started looking, there were no commercially available apps or programs to do this. Crazy, right? That’s what we thought! So we decided to create one ourselves, and share this valuable tool as an app with all of the coaches and athletes in the international swimming community. And so SwimAnalyzer 1.0 was born.

As we got stuck into the project, we went beyond just race modelling, and developed some extra components that enhance both the training and performance of swimmers. Now there are 3 main components: the Race Model, the  Race Analysis, and the Training Efficiency Table. SwimAnalyzer 1.0 is like a “pocket sport scientist” designed for coaches and athletes dedicated to improving their swimming performance and technique to reach their next level of success.

Benoit Grattepanche

(Founder and Swimming Coach)

asset-version-ad4e8bf71c-data_art_6888062I have always been passionate about swimming. As far back as I can remember, I have always been interested by the swimming technique, and I remember spending hours watching the swimmers underwater, learning about the history of the technique to better understand the swimming motion.

In my career as a swimmer, I was fortunate to train alongside the big names of world and French swimming, and I must say that my experience of swimming by their side was outstanding. Romain Barnier is now the coach of the French mens national swimming team and the head coach of Cercle de Nageurs de Marseille. Franck Esposito, the former world record holder in the 200m butterfly and now the coach of the French national training centre in Antibes; and Frederick Bousquet, the famous French sprinter and world and European record holder. They all influenced me as a swimmer.

But it wasn’t until later when I started coaching, through exchanges and discussions and my particular interest in discovering new things and improving myself, that I was lucky to meet great coaches like Fabrice Pellerin (head coach of Olympic Nice and the coach of the French womens national team) and Mr Guennadi Touretski (coach of the Russian sprint champion Alexander Popov). These are historical, world famous coaches who I learnt enormously from, and Fabrice greatly influenced my vision of swimming and all its components. I also had the opportunity to spend six months with Guennadi Touretski at the Swiss Swimming national training centre, and followed his preparations for his Russian triple-Olympian Andrey Grechin.

Through this application, I first wanted to discover and understand the impact on training and its tips, and to teach myself what swimming really was when I decided to create the app. I wanted to educate myself on high performance swimming, its parameters, its implications, its rules, its needs and its workings from a coaching view. And then I wanted to share this with you, as coaches and swimmers, because I think swimming is in a phase of evolution, and we are about to take a step in a different direction to train and/or to design workouts. And I believe this application will be able to help us.

I hope that I can help you! And I hope you will enjoy using this application as much as we do.


One thought on “About

  1. I downloaded the premium app but I have problems with using the camera in race analysis
    When I open the camera the app usually turn off


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