Coming Soon: SwimAnalyzer Lite!

We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of OUR NEW APP – SwimAnalyzer Lite - in January 2018! SwimAnalyzer Lite takes the Race Analysis function of the original SwimAnayzer app and distils it down to the essential components – filming, instant video replay, and split times with a graphic display. And the best part? SwimAnalyzer … Continue reading Coming Soon: SwimAnalyzer Lite!


Guennadi’s Review of SwimAnalyzer

We are stoked to have international swimming coach Gennadi Touretski I Геннадий Турецкий as an ambassador for SwimAnalyzer 1.0! If you are interested in seeing how he uses the app with his athletes in training and competition, check out his brief review below, or here on his Facebook page.   "I would like to introduce … Continue reading Guennadi’s Review of SwimAnalyzer

Watch the Video: Using Race Analysis

Are you already using the SwimAnalyzer 1.0 app or ready to get started? This short video will give you a quick overview of how to use the live race analysis function at a competition. See how simple and quick it is to record the race and view the race analysis data and video afterwards. The User … Continue reading Watch the Video: Using Race Analysis

Download our new User Guide

Have you purchased SwimAnalyzer 1.0 and would like some tips to get started? We have developed a new User Guide to give you a comprehensive overview of all of SwimAnalyzer's great functions - download your copy here or find it on our Resources page!

Training With SwimAnalyzer 1.0: Elinah Phillip

Have you been wondering how the SwimAnalyzer 1.0 app can aid in the goal setting and training preparation of your swimmers? To give you an insight into how this great tool can be used practically, in every day training and competition, SwimAnalyzer 1.0 founder and swimming coach Benoit Grattepanche has provided us with some information on the training and preparation … Continue reading Training With SwimAnalyzer 1.0: Elinah Phillip

SwimAnalyzer 1.0 is on Facebook!

It has been a big month for SwimAnalyzer 1.0 - not only does it have a new website, but it now has its own Facebook page! The Facebook page has been created as an interactive platform for the swimming community to interact together and with us more easily, to post questions, send feedback and share stories on how SwimAnalyzer … Continue reading SwimAnalyzer 1.0 is on Facebook!

Coming Soon! SwimAnalyzer 1.0 for Android!

We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of SwimAnalyzer 1.0 for Android tablets! The app is currently under development, and when it is released, will offer all of the same features and functions we love about the current iOS version of the app for iPad. The release of the Android version of SwimAnalyzer 1.0 … Continue reading Coming Soon! SwimAnalyzer 1.0 for Android!