SwimAnalyzer 1.0 is the first app designed to create race models for competition goals. SwimAnalyzer 1.0 also assists coaches and athletes to enhance their training and performance by:

  • creating individualised race models based on identified race goals
  • individualising training sessions to improve physiological and technical components required to achieve the race goal
  • analysing swimming races in real-time during competition
  • providing race analysis data, video playback, graphics and comparisons with the model post-race

SwimAnalyzer 1.0 is designed for coaches and athletes dedicated to improving their swimming performance and technique, in order to reach their next level of success. SwimAnalyzer 1.0 is easy to understand and simple to operate  with a clear user interface, and is designed to be used  by coaches, athletes and assistants across all levels of swimming. And, with the app translated into 7 different languages and counting, SwimAnalyzer 1.0 can be used by coaches across the world.

Read on to discover the full list of features of SwimAnalyzer 1.0!

Have you already purchased SwimAnalyzer 1.0 and would like some tips to get started? Our User Guide gives a detailed overview of all of SwimAnalyzer’s functions in a handy PDF.

There is also a short video on using the live Race Analysis function during a competition – check it out!


And of course you can download SwimAnalyzer 1.0 on the App Store and Google Play to get started today!

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