Guennadi TouretskiI think SwimAnalyzer is a very useful tool for calculating training speeds at different levels of intensity and for all strokes, by using the Training Table feature. SwimAnalyzer helps me to calculate the training speeds required for training- and race-specific intensities, and it also has a focus on technique development with the stroke metrics. SwimAnalyzer also has the ability to create Race Models that guide the acheivement of the competition goal times. The performance of my swimmers has improved since using SwimAnalyzer, for example most of my swimmers performed best results and made an Olympic standard for Rio in 2016 (e.g. Andrey Grechin (RUS), Sasha Touretski (SUI), Artsyom Machekin (BLR), Svenja Stoffel (SUI)).

― Guennadi Touretski, 6x Olympic swim coach, RUS/AUS/SUI